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We build technologies to enhance our life, and reach our full potential.

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We run each of the units independently by their respective management teams.

Plexa Web Services

Website creation specifically catered to your needs. We charge a very nominal fee just to bring India online.

Plexa Hosting Services

Provides fast, affordable & secure web hosting services. At Plexa Web Hosting, the price you pay during sign up is the same price you pay during renewals (no price hikes like others).

Plexa Link

Plexa Link help create daily content for every social media platform, radiating your omnipresence.

Plexa Club

Connecting job seekers with Plexa with a negligible fee.

Plexa Consultancy Services

From your company name suggestion to business strategy formation we do it all. Just drop a mail.


The Terrific Digital Business Card. Verific. The Go-To Business Cards for Anyone, Near or Far. For people who want to make a great first impression. Smart, elegant & affordable digital business cards.

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Step into a world of possibilities with Bluemance. Welcome aboard! P for PlexaCorp & V for Verific.in
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